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Video Marketing Agency


Built For The Junior Mining Sector

Connecting Your Company To Today’s Investor With Video.

iResource Network is expert in effectively utilizing video to communicate junior mining stories to the investment community, creating market awareness, increasing brand recognition in financial markets, helping to bring capital, and boosting action for their stock.

We Provide A Comprehensive Video Marketing Program

For Junior Mining Companies

Designed to effectively communicate with today’s multi-media
savvy investors


We Broadcast Your News and

Interview Key People In Your Company

On a regular basis to keep your shareholders
and the investment community continuously informed and engaged.

We Convert Your Complex Exploration Data Into an Educating Project Video

Investors today would prefer to watch a video of your story rather than read technical data and to try to figure it out for themselves.

With +30 years experience in exploration data modelling and using the latest GIS & mining software,  we know how to simplify and 3D model your complex exploration data and incorporate it into a video that will educate and engage all investors, regardless of their knowledge of the resource sector.

Investors Today Prefer Video

Over Text



We Introduce Your Company

To Our Extensive Investor Database

With your website optimized and dynamic video content added which clearly tells your project(s) story, your company will be ready to be introduced to our extensive database of high profile brokers, analysts & fund managers along with retail investors throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

As part of our marketing program we will continually keep them engaged with new information as you advance your project(s).

Here are a just a few examples who we will introduce you to . . .


Canada Brokers

+1000 Portfolio Managers, Resource Analysts, Senior Equity Traders, Head of Equities etc.

Greenbriar Capital Corp, CEO

Gravitas Securities Inc., CEO & Head of Investment Banking

King & Bay, Chairman and CEO

Canaccord Genuity Inc., Equity Capital Markets

Raymond James, Head of Equities

Red Cloud Klondike Strike Inc., Head of Investment Banking

Desjardins Capital Markets, Managing Director, Equity Research Analyst

Canaccord Capital Corporation, Managing Director, Investment Banking

Sprott Asset Management, Portfolio Manager

Echelon Wealth Partners, Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor

PI Financial Corp., Vice President Investment Banking, Mining

Echelon Partners, VP Portfolio Manager

PI Financial Corp., VP, Equity Capital Markets


+300 Portfolio Managers, Resource Analysts, Senior Equity Traders, Head of Equities etc.

Jermyn Street Capital Partners, Founder / CEO

Merk Investments, President & CIO

Euro Pacific Capital, Managing Director

Bear Creek Capital, CEO

J.P. Morgan, Head of Metals & Mining Asia Pacific

Leeb Group, Research Chairman

McKinsey & Company, Senior Expert McKinsey Basic Materials Practice

Seaport Global Securities, VP- Mining and Metals Investment Banking

Global Hunter Securities, Managing Director Director of Metals & Mining Investment Group

O&M Partners, President & CEO

Casimir Capital, Vice President, Investment Banking

Waterstreet Capital, Managing Partner

Commerzbank, Vice President Head of Precious Metals Marketing



+600 Portfolio Managers, Resource Analysts, Senior Equity Traders, Head of Equities etc.

Swiss Resource Capital AG, CEO

Kingdom Capital Management, CEO

Liberum Capital Limited, Co-Head Investment Banking

Deutsche Bank, Director – Equities Research

Appian Capital Advisory, Director of Mining

Fund Twenty8, Fund Manager

Barclays Investment Bank, Head of Global Metals & Mining, Banking

Nedbank Capital, Head: International Mining Finance

UBS, Institutional Equities

RK Investment Management, Investment Manager

HSBC Global Banking and Markets, Metals & Mining Strategist and Marketing Analyst

Wood Mackenzie, Vice Chairman of Metals and Mining

M2 Capital Partners, Vice-Chairman and Head of Metals & Mining


Australia Brokers

+160 Portfolio Managers, Resource Analysts, Senior Equity Traders, Head of Equities etc.

Macquarie Group,
Head of Macquarie Group Western Australia Office

Westoz Funds Management Pty Ltd, Fund Manager, Executive Director

HarbourSide Capital, CEO

JP Morgan Securities Australia Ltd, Executive Director

Sequoia Wealth Management, CEO

Arnott Capital, Portfolio Manager

Sequoia Financial Group, Equity Capital Markets

Market Capital Group Ltd, Managing Director

Shaw and Partners Limited, Head of Equities

Shaw and Partners Limited, Senior Investment Advisor

Commonwealth Bank, Natural Resources Division

Totus Capital Pty Ltd, Portfolio Manager

Morgans Financial Limited, Resource Analyst

Choosing to partner with us in marketing your company & project means getting solid support and accessing proven strategies that will help you increase your leads and convert more investors in to becoming your shareholder

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