George Sookochoff has been involved in the Junior Mining sector for over 35 years as an exploration data analyst, marketing consultant, director of a number of junior mining companies and President and CEO of a junior mining company with numerous gold, copper and cobalt projects in Chile.

He has a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree focused in Marketing/Computer Science from the University of British Columbia.

“Data is the Story”

As a former mining executive he found that one of the biggest challenges for junior mining companies is communicating their project story to investors both current and potential.

Most often the main component of their story is the company’s exploration data which to say the least can be very technical in nature. Soil sampling, geophysical surveys, drilling, resources with their various categories ie. inferred, indicated, probable, proven etc.

Although all this information is very important for an investor to know and understand in order to make an informed decision as to the potential upside of an exploration project and the success of the junior mining company itself,  it is often much too technical for the investor to understand.

George is using his years of experience with working with exploration data, being a  junior mining executive as well as an investor to simplify complex data of junior mining companies and transform it into a format that today’s investor can understand in order to help them make that important decision – buy or sell.

His company iResource Network produces “Video Data Stories” and through its proprietary network of multimedia channels delivers informative, easy to understand and engaging junior mining stories to investors around the world.