iResource Network is a Digital Media Marketing Company with 35 years of experience successfully helping junior mining companies to attract new investors, capital, and build shareholder value.

Utilizing strategic new media marketing we maximize market awareness, investor awareness, brand recognition, and promote our clients news and project story to new investors, increasing volume for our clients stock and securing new investor opportunities. We also help with private placement financing.

Today, if you’re not using video….then who’s watching you?

  • We’ve entered into a new era of communicating and interacting with investors.
  • Video has now become a necessary component of any content marketing strategy
  • Video is an ideal medium for expressing a complex data story in a simple form and it far outstrips other media in terms of reach and performance.


Video Content Marketing

Video is one of the most powerful means of distributing your message. When executed well, video is efficient and very effective.

Video content marketing is the process of creating relevant and unique video content intended to change the behavior of your target audience over time. It is not a one-time-thing, but rather a well-coordinated, ongoing effort. Video content marketing spans numerous channels, including web, email, social networking and the second largest search engine – YouTube.

Video Marketing Campaign Objectives

Increase Brand Awareness in the investment community (tell investors about your company by telling rich, visual stories. Without awareness, there can be no lead)
Increase Online Engagement (and facilitate word of mouth marketing)
Educate Investors about your project –  (visualize your data and make it easier to understand)
Increase traffic to your website (driving qualified traffic to your desktop or mobile website, and collecting high-quality leads)

Let’s Get Visual!

To truly capture investor’s attention in an increasingly noisy space, you’ll need to select rich, eye-catching video that both gets their attention and tells your visual story.

We create your visual story by using our 30 years of experience in exploration data modelling and transform your complex exploration data into a simple and easy to view visual story that all investors can understand regardless of their technical background.

Target Marketing

You may have a good visual story but unless you put it in front of the right people your Return On Investment (ROI) will suffer

Our proprietary database consists of hundreds of brokers, mining analysts, portfolio managers, investment advisors, fund managers and retail investors throughout North America and Europe.

A few examples: Dominick capital, National Bank, Sprott Asset Management, Roth Capital Partners, Paradigm Capital, Pinetree capital, Raymond James, Leede Jones Gable, Macquarie Capital, Echelon, CPM Group, Oppenheimer Asset management, Turner Investment Partners, Marathon Resource Investments, Goldman Sachs, Anglo Pacific (London), Raymond James Benelux (Brussels), Deutsche Bank (Frankfurt), UBS (Zurich).


Social Media Networking

Video opens fresh channels of exposure. Social Media Channels allow us to communicate your story directly and often using short promo videos leading back to longer form content on your website, blog, or YouTube

Get it right, and your message can spread to places that text or static images will never reach.

We Can Design a Video Marketing Campaign For Your Company That Will . . .
– Increase your brand awareness in the investment community
– Increase online engagement
– Educate Investors about your project
– Increase traffic to your website
– Collect high quality leads for your IR Team