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We’ve Entered Into a New Era of Communicating and Interacting With Investors

And Video Has Now Become a Necessary Component of Any Content Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing

Video is a powerful content medium for a storytelling, and can have a big impact on the success of your promotional campaigns and content marketing efforts. It also serves as an effective way to connect with investors and build more satisfying and deeper relationships between you and your target audience.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media allows you to communicate your visual story directly, immediately and often with today’s online investors to keep them informed and engaged.

Social media videos generate 1200% more shares compared with images and text combined and visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared via social networks. (Buffer, 2014).


Search Engine Optimization

Video allows you to use the services of the second largest search engine online –  YouTube.  SEO isn’t only relevant for your blog posts and website. In fact,  People not only use this network to find videos, they’re actually searching for information more generally. Just like they do on (which happens to own YouTube).


  • With our  proprietary database we communicate directly with over 1,300 Canadian brokers, 300 European brokers, 200 US brokers, +1,000 executives of Resource companies as well as over 3,000 retail investors.


  • iResource videos are positioned on Stockhouse where 70% of viewers are millennial online investors. We also place videos on bullboards of Stockhouse and in order to participate in  online discussions.

3D Project Data Modelling

From the Exploration Field to 3D modelling Your data is the most important part of your story. We are also GIS specialists and we work directly with your complex exploration data and create dynamic 3D models. We’ll even maintain your database and update it whenever new data arrives enabling for quick updates to all your marketing material. Read More….


From Video production to the Investor Over the 30 years in the business of marketing you can’t but help to build up an extensive database of quality contacts, both retail and institutional. Our network of investors consists of hundreds of brokers, mining analysts, portfolio managers, investment advisors, fund managers, research analysts, mining newsletter editors, investment bankers and of course retail throughout North America and Europe. We communicate your story directly to their screens with video.

Social Media Networking

Social Media has become one of the most powerful methods for communicating and engaging with investors. It has become a powerhouse for “Business Media Networking” and video is the ideal vehicle to drive your message throughout this network. We have over 2,200 Linkedin quality contacts primarily consisting of individuals and companies in the investment community which will receive your visual story and updates on a regular basis

If you’re not using video in your IR/Marketing program

…then who’s watching you?