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A Creative
Marketing/ir Agency

for the Resource sector

Connecting Resource Companies
with today’s new investor.

What we do

iResource Network creates marketing programs specifically designed for junior resource companies which attracts today’s new investor and takes them through a multi stage process which ultimately converts the investor to a shareholder of the company.

We believe that the most important component of a “company’s story” is its exploration data. But this data is most often too complex for an investor to understand.

We 3D model the company’s exploration data and create visually engaging and easy to understand project stories. We then reach out and deliver the “video story” to our vast investor database of institutional and retail investors throughout North America and Europe.


Exploration Data Modelling

We are also GIS specialists and first transform your exploration data into an eye catching 3D visual model.

Project Videos

We let your 3D data tell its own video story that today’s investor can easily receive and view regardless of the media channels they prefer.

Marketing Programs

Our multimedia marketing programs reach out, attract and engage with new investors and convert them to your shareholders.

Drone Videos

Our drones will not only fly over your property and capture impressive aerial images and videos but also our software can convert the high resolution images into 3 dimensional digital terrane models (DTM).

Website Audits

We will review your website and recommend changes to ensure that visitors are more engaged with your story and stay longer.
(What’s your bounce rate?)

Powerpoint & Brochures

And of course we can produce all your promotional print material

Let’s Start Something new Say Hello!

Contact us to talk about how we can effectively communicate your project story to today’s investor.

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