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A Creative
Marketing/ir Agency

for the Resource sector

Connecting Resource Companies
with today’s new investor.

We recognize the dynamic changes taking place in the investment community and the challenges that Junior Resource companies face today in getting their message heard and understood.

IR/Marketing Programs

Our multimedia marketing programs reach out, attract and engage with new investors and build an audience of loyal followers and investors.

Exploration Data Modelling

Your data is the most important part of your story.
We are also GIS specialists and we work directly with your complex exploration data and create dynamic 3D models. The models are then used in our videos and other promotional material such as website, powerpoint, brochures etc.

Project Videos

We utilize the power of video by creating engaging 3D data project videos and distribute them through various media channels making it easy for an investor to receive, view and understand you story regardless of the media channels they prefer to use.

Business Media Networking

One of the biggest changes in marketing is the use of  Social Media for business. We prefer to now call it Business Media Networking.

Social Media or Business Media is no longer just for kids but has become one of the most powerful methods for communicating and engaging with investors. It has become a powerhouse for “Business Media Networking” and video is the ideal vehicle to drive your message throughout this network.

Website Audits

Your website should be an important component of your overall marketing program. So there’s no point in making a great effort and expense to attract investors to your website when it is not  engaging or easy for them to understand your story.  We will audit your website and recommend changes to ensure that visitors are more engaged with your story and stay longer.
(What’s your bounce rate?)

Powerpoint & Brochures

Print is still important in a marketing program and we can produce dyanmic promotional print material that will compliment your story.

we provide a full suite of digital marketing tools

to get your message viewed in the investment community

For the past 35 years we have been helping junior resource companies communicate their story to the investment community. Along the way we have continuously kept up with the latest technological advancements in communications and made them available for our clients to utilize.

Today we live in a world of multimedia with the internet providing hundreds of various media channels through which investors use to receive their investment information. This provides both challenges and opportunities for junior companies.

The opportunities created are in the fact that these media channels are available to virtually everyone and are relatively inexpensive if not absolutely free to use to distribute their message.  But to use them effectively it is essential that the message be visual, short, attention getting and engaging. And the best way is with video.