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Communicating and engaging with today’s multimedia savvy investor has become very challenging for junior resource companies.

Today’s investor has a choice of a vast array of media channels to receive their news and information. Also today’s investor is less knowledgeable of junior mining companies and how to evaluate and invest in them. Quite a few however do appreciate the “high risk, high rewards” investment strategy which is what investing is junior mining companies is all about.

So in order to successfully communicate with today’s investor junior mining companies must reach out to them “in their space” and use media content that they are comfortable with.

The junior mining company’s project story must be simple but yet informative and easy to understand. It must also be in part educational for the less knowledgeable investor. As the investor is constantly being bombarded with information from all sources the story must be very eye catching, stimulating and brief for their short attention spans.

As an Investor Marketing firm we reach out beyond your shareholder database and…

  1. Attract new investors who may not have heard of your company and get them interested in your company,
  2. Engage with them to do research on your company in order to make an investment decision
  3. Convince them to become a shareholder
  4. Convert them to fully bought in shareholders who tell others about your company
  • Website Audit

We first take a look at your current website and powerpoint. Do they clearly communicate “Your Story” to a prospective investor? After all there is no point in going through the trouble of attracting, engaging (you know the rest) and have them come to your website to be totally confused and/or bored and leave. We call that a “quick bounce” and that is a sign that something is wrong with your site. We can make any necessary changes if required that will optimize your website and powerpoint to  increase your “bounce rate” (that is good) and increase your chances of conversion.

  • Everyone loves to hear a good story!”

We then focus on clearly defining and creating “Your Story”.

We do this with video as video is the best method to engage an investor and get them to watch rather than read.

And with today’s numerous multimedia channels to deliver video content, video is by far the most cost effective method in communicating your story and distinguishing it from the mass of information on the investor’s screens.

  • 3D Modelling of your exploration data

But not just any video but our unique “Data Story Videos”.  We actually let your exploration data tell its own story.

After all isn’t your exploration data an important part of any investor’s review and decision making process. And isn’t it also important that an investor understands the value of your data to the help them make the final decision to by your stock.

But exploration data can often be too technical for even the more savvy investor which is why we simplify it by first 3D modelling your data and animating it making it easy for virtually all investors to understand and appreciate.

  • Video Production

So now that we have all the data modeled in 3D we can make a video. Short, concise, visually engaging and of course informative.

Our videos can be easily updated as new exploration data becomes available thereby keeping your investors in the loop and engaged.

  • Distribution

So we have your website ready to receive investors and we have a good visual story to tell, so let’s go and find new investors to watch your story, start the engagement process and get them to visit your website and possibly convert them.

Over the 35 years in the business of marketing you can’t but help to build up an extensive database of quality contacts, both retail and institutional. Our database of investors consists of hundreds of brokers, mining analysts, portfolio managers, investment advisors, fund managers, research analysts, mining newsletter editors, investment bankers throughout North America and Europe.

Let us introduce you to some of the following:
Associate Director,  Macquarie Group
CEO,  Market News Publishing
Chairman, CMI Capital
Director of Research, BMO Capital Markets
Executive VP, Leede Financial Markets
Head of Portfolio Management, Credit Suisse
Director Institutional Equity Sales, CIBC
Equity Analyst, AGF Investments
Equity Research Analyst, Haywood Securities
European Mining Analyst, Liberum Capital Limited
Executive Chairman, Dundee Corporation
Executive Chairman, Kingsdale Advisors
CEO, UMG (United Mining Group) Funding, London
Executive VP, IBK Capital Corp.
Portfolio Manager, Raymond James
Senior Vice President, Raymond James
Senior Analyst, BMO Global Asset Management
Senior Investment Advisor, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management Canada
Technical Analyst / Portfolio Manager, Bollinger Capital Management
Toronto Head Office Investment Advisor, Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.
Senior Investment Advisor, PI Financial Corp.
Senior Metals & Mining Equity Analyst, Macquarie Group
Senior Research Analyst, Deutsche Bank Asset Management
Senior Reporter, Reuters
Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Just to mention a few and they would all be glad to have a video introduction to your project.

  • Social Business Media Networking

But one of the biggest changes is the use of  Social Media for business. We like to call it Business Media Networking.

It took us a while to change our minds and wrap our heads around Social Networking. From thinking it was only about tweeting and messaging among friends to seeing now that it has become a powerhouse for “Business Media Networking” and video is the ideal vehicle to deliver your message throughout the network.

Social Business Media Networking has become a mainstay in our media communications platform.