When is the right time to start promoting your upcoming drill program?

  1. When you announce resultsJunior Mining diamond driller
  2. When you start drilling
  3. When you first make the announcement you plan to start drilling

Drilling is not only an important time for the company but an exciting time for your shareholders.

Your shareholders are excited because…

  1. You were able to raise funds which is always good in this market
  2. You may get good results which may mean an uptick on your share price
  3. Positive drill results may create enough liquidity in your shares for them to finally dump your shares

Of course you never want to see your shareholders sell their shares but all too often in this market good news brings on selling from frustrated shareholders. A short uptick on good news and then the hammer comes down.

One of the main objectives of a good IR program is to stop the selling before you start the buying.

If you start to promote when the first good results come out it’s too late and the game is already over.

And that is the reason why the answer to the question is “3”

It is important that you start to engage with your shareholders as soon as possible and clearly communicate to them:

  1. why you are going to drill,
  2. what your objectives are
  3. and what you hope your results will be.
  4. and then what you plan to do after the drilling

If your shareholders understand and believe in what you plan to do they just may hold on when the buying starts to come in and this means your share price remains pointing up.