Engaging Today’s Investor With Video

“Today, If You’re Not Using Video In Your Marketing Program
Then Who In The World Is Watching You?”

Raise your project above the crowd with video.

iResource Network Video Marketing for Junior Mining Companies

Social Media is where today’s Retail Investors can be found.

iResource Network Video Marketing for junior mining companies

Video News Release

No better way to get your news directly in front of investor’s eyes. More investors will watch your video news release and understand what you are saying, than a traditional text release.

Remember Don’t Just Tell Them . . . Show Them!

Belmont Resources to drill gold project

Announce Your Drill Results With Video

Announcing drill results typically involves providing technical information to investors who most often just don’t understand.

We have all the latest mining software and the experience to know how to work directly with all your exploration data and create the visual story that investors will understand and appreciate.

Kodiak copper drill results

Transform Your Technical Report to Video

Your 43-101 technical report tells your project story the best, but it’s far too technical for a majority of investors.
Your engineers have already provided a great script which we can use to create your project video so that all of your shareholders and potential investors can understand.

iResource network convert your tech report to video

Video Distribution Through Social Media

Utilize the power of  the two largest marketing companies in the world.

And they will distribute your project video around the world “FOR FREE”.

  • Google’s complex algorithms gives video significantly more weight, in regards to providing important information on a particular subject, than text. That means that Google will rank your video much higher in search engine results than text copy. Meaning that more investors will see your video news release than a text version. Remember that fact when you are putting out your next important text news release.

  • YouTube loves video (of course), YouTube would love to showcase your video to the investment world. And if you understand their algorithms and tweek it just right you will use the full power of YouTube. But leave that part to us.
  • Video for Social Media The biggest change social media marketers have seen in the past year is the growing importance of building active social communities. Online community building is absolutely essential to success in 2023. Short-form videos of your company projects is the best way to ensure your message is delivered to more cell phones and in a format that today’s investor prefers – video.
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iResource Network Social Media Marketing

Video Distribution Through Our Global Network

The iResource Network (3,000 Linkedin Followers)

With our unique video marketing model our clients achieve optimal capital markets exposure.

Your multi-media project story will reach the right people in our global network of analysts, institutional investors, fund and portfolio managers, investment bankers and brokers.

As an ongoing and continual marketing program we update your project video as new information is received from the field or a new news release is being issued and  immediately deliver it in multi-media format to our investor network keeping them fully and continuously engaged.

Along with our 3,000 optin Linkedin Investor Network followers we have a vast network of  Portfolio Managers, Resource Analysts, Senior Equity Traders, Head of Equities etc.

Canada: 800+
USA: 300+
Europe: 400+